Past Presenters:

2016 Presenters
Date Presenter Subject Contact
March 2016 Shing Long, M.S. The Military Culture and Its Impact on Mental Health  
February 2016 Carol Delzer, MA. J.D. Co-Parenting Tools for Groups and Individuals  
 January 2016 Jim McAfee, Th. M., CCN Food and Mood  


2015 Presenters
Date Presenter Subject Contact
November 2015 Dave Jensen, JD Law and Ethics: “Are you Ethical? You sure?”  
October 2015 Dean R. Bender, CPA, LMFT Using the Five Factor Model of Personality Assessment  
September 2015 Robert Pellerin, LMFT, PhD Internet Addiction  
August 2015 John Preston, PsyD How Psychotherapists Can Improve Outcomes with Medical Treatments for Psychiatric Disorders  
July 2015 Dr. Michael Bader and Dr. Susan Landes Control Mastery Theory and Clinical Applications  
May 2015 Andrew Mendonsa, PsyD Working Competently With LGBTQ Clients in a Therapeutic Setting  
April 2015 Carolyn Whiteman, LMFT Supporting Children Through Grief and Loss  
March 2015 Dr. Robin Zasio, Psy.D, LCSW Caring For Clients Who Suffer From Panic Attacks  
February 2015 Suzanne Mell, LMFT DSM-5  
 January 2015  Ellen Ferguson,  RN  An Emotional Freedom Technique Experience  


2014 Presenters
Date Presenter Subject Contact
November 2014 David Jensen, JD What Does The Law Expect Of Me? Part IV  
October 2014 Nancy Polli, LMFT Creative Aging: Helping Your Clients Embrace The Creative Wisdom Of The Later Years  
September 2014 Diana Aten Conwell, LMFT Don't Call Me A "Coach"! (I Think...?); Considerations For Incorporating Coaching Into A Psychotherapeutic Practice  
August 2014 Jayashree Doyle, LMFT A Clash of Cultures: Helping Couples Navigate Through Differences in Culture, Ethnicity and Faith  
July 2014 Dr. Helen Crawford The Interface: Psychotropics and Counseling  
June 2014 Gabrielle Guedet, Ph.D., LMFT Understanding The DSM-5  
May 2014 Jana McCrea, M.Ed., LMFT Experiential Interventions Designed to Affect Lasting Change  
April 2014 Lin Myers Jovanovic, PhD Integrating Sexuality into Your Therapeutic Work  
March 2014 Liz Mantle, LMFT, LPCC, DRPA Assessment and Evidence-Based Treatment  
February 2014 Michael Stephens, LMFT, CMT Death and Dying: Facilitating the Transition  
January 2014 Miranda Palmer, LMFT Social Media For Therapists  


2013 Presenters
Date Presenter Subject Contact
November 2013 Dave Jensen CAMFT Staff Attorney What Does the Law Expect of Me? Part III  
October 2013 Charlotte Parks, LMFT Put Some Movement in Your Therapy  
September 2013 Dr. Robin Zasio, Psy.D., LCSW Anxiety Disorders: Effective Strategies That Work  
June 2013 Susan Byrne, LMFT Equine Assisted Psychotherapy  
May 2013 Jennifer Olden, LMFT Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy  
April 2013 Patricia Allison, LMFT Networking Roundtable  
March 2013 George Peckham, LMFT, CSAT & Amy Schepcoff, LMFT Sex Addiction: Assessment and Treatment  
February 2013 Susan Landes, PsyD, LMFT Introduction to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy  
January 2013 Tisa Starr, LMFT Introduction to Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy  


2012 Presenters
Date Presenter Subject Contact
December 2012  Winter Break    
November 2012 Dave Jensen CAMFT Staff Attorney What Does the Law Expect of Me? Part II  
October 2012 Carolyn Fink, LCSW Shapes and Faces of the California Veteran              The Soldiers Project  
September 2012  Merrill Powers, LCSW EMDR; Turbo Charged Treatment for Trauma & More  
August 2012  Summer Break    
July 2012  Meg Luce, LMFT Helping Parents Develop Strong and Flexible Relationships with their Children  
June 2012  Gary Henderson, LMFT  Theoretical Orientations  
May 2012  Shai Lavie, LMFT Somatic Resourcing: Teaching Our Clients to Self-Regulate With the Hakomi Method  
April 2012 Fran Fisher, RN PhD A History of Women's Sexuality in the Twenty First Century  
March 2012  Lisa Mitchell, LMFT  If You Are a Therapist, You Are an Artist  
February 2012  Bill Wright, LMFT  Video Games: Fun, Compulsion or Addiction?  
January 2012  Allison Rapp  Fill Your Practice Without Selling Your Soul  


2011 Presenters
Date Presenter Subject Contact
November 2011 Dave Jensen,
CAMFT Staff Attorney
What Does the Law Expect of Me? - Part I - Law and Ethics  
October 2011 Jamie Lynne, LMFT SoulCollage®: An Intuitive Process to Work with Character Strategies and Countertransference Jamie's Website
September 2011 Virginia Dunstone, MS  How to Manage Expectations Virginia's Website
July 2011 Willy Wilkinson MPH Culturally Competent Approaches For Serving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Populations Willy's Website
May 2011 Gary Henderson, LMFT Theory Driven Treatment Planning and Treatment Focused Clinical Notes Email Gary
April 2011 Barbara Larsen, MA Beyond the Mask of Alzheimer’s: Creative Interventions for Family Caregivers & Health Care Professionals Email Barbara
February 2011 Amy Ellis, LMFT Systemic Treatment of Couples with Infidelity Amy's Website
January 2011 Marty Cottler, PhD, LMFT Exploring Mindfulness-Based Theory Marty's Website


2010 Speakers / Presenters
Date Presenter Subject Contact
November 2010 Wendy Lace, LMFT Treating Issues in Eating Disorders: Anorexia and Bulimia Wendy's Website
October 2010 Gary Henderson, LMFT Law and Ethics Email Gary
September 2010 Aida Baker, MFT Intern Parenting From the Inside Out Aida's Website
August 2010 Mary Tendal,l LMFT The Warrior Family Email Mary
July 2010 Lucie Tetrault, LMFT Taking Care of Business: Professional Wills for Therapists Email Lucie
June 2010 Virginia Dunstone, MS Chapter introductory presentation, and Virginia's book 'Why Do I Do What I Do?' Virgina's Website