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  • Ketamine Therapy as a Catalyst for Healing and Transformation
    February 23, 2024
    10:00 am - 11:30 am
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Ketamine Therapy as a Catalyst for Healing and Transformation

 February 23, 2024 10-11:30am
Number of CEs: 2


About the presenter:

Ray Rivas MD is a board-certified, acute care and trauma surgeon with over 12 years’ experience
administering ketamine. Before founding Innerbloom in 2022, Dr Rivas worked on the frontlines
of emergency and trauma medicine in Santa Maria, CA, and Austin, TX.

About the presentation:

Discover the transformative potential of ketamine therapy. This 1.5-hour presentation will give
you a foundational understanding of how ketamine therapy is helping change how we think about
mental health. Designed specifically for licensed therapists, our presentation offers a nuanced
exploration of ketamine's journey from an anesthetic to a therapeutic catalyst, providing practical
knowledge on its mechanisms, applications, and integration into therapeutic practices.
Join us to learn about ketamine’s healing properties to identify ideal candidates for treatment.
We’ll focus on how therapists can use this powerful medicine to improve their patient’s outcomes.
We’ll also address crucial aspects such as risks, safety measures, ethical considerations, and cost
implications for both therapists and patients. By dispelling common misconceptions and setting
realistic expectations, we aim to equip therapists with the knowledge and confidence to consider
ketamine therapy as a valuable tool in their practice. Whether you're new to the concept or
seeking to deepen your understanding, this presentation is a good opportunity to stay at the
forefront of behavioral health.


Learning Objectives

A. State one reason why researchers believe ketamine may make psychotherapy more

B. Name the two most popular routes of administration for off-label ketamine therapy.

C. Describe the three phases of injectable ketamine therapy.

D. Name four common misconceptions about ketamine or ketamine therapy.

E. Identify three ways in which therapists can learn more about ketamine therapy.