Review by Jennifer Whitley, LMFT

A huge thank you to Jennifer Olden MFT for filling in at the last minute! She was an enthusiastic and engaging trainer with a true passion for EFT. She modeled reflection, validation, and empathy throughout the training and proved to be a master of the re-frame!

The training focused on how to view reactive level issues (reactive emotions, perceptions and behaviors) of each partner and the attachment level needs/primary emotions in a framework in which better understanding of the partners can occur. By holding behaviors and interactional patterns within the attachment framework, partners are able to be more empathetic towards each other and see the interactions based on the fears/needs of the other instead of just their personal perceptions.

I enjoyed her view of the therapist as a “process consultant” and that emotions are logical, alerting us to our basic needs but context is needed for the emotions to make sense. This allows the therapist to be with the person in the moment with their emotion, express it, and go deeper into the primary emotion/unmet attachment needs. The use of imagery, emotional heightening, slowing down to process the intensity behind behaviors/reactions, and the use of enactments to help couples have emotionally corrective experiences that can actually alter pathways in the brain and attachment styles is amazing evidence of the power of EFT.

~ Jennifer Whitley, LMFT

Thank you Jennifer for this wonderful review!

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