Review by Julia Vander Schaaf, LMFT

On a sunny Saturday morning Charlotte Parks, LMFT and a licensed Dance Therapist lead us through a series of experiential Dance/Movement Therapy activities [Movement Therapy Session, October 19, 2013]. Before starting, Charlotte shared her experience with performing and the life events that ultimately lead her to specialize in this particular modality. Charlotte also gave us a brief history of Dance Therapy and of its creator, Marian Chace. Chace listened and responded when students reported improved feelings of well-being after expressing their feeling through dance. Doctors heard of the phenomena and began sending their patients to Chace, with good outcomes. Since then Dance Therapy has been found to be effective with a variety of populations from young children to seniors as well as with a variety of diagnosis.

Charlotte began our workshop with a calming activity that increased our awareness of any stress that we could be feeling. We then Mindfully, explored the room, the presence of each other as our level of interaction gradually increased. By the time the session ended we knew each other’s names and were playing and laughing together. Periodically, we would pause and monitor our reactions and responses, sharing insights. We ended with the group “Lean Out” an exercise that required all of us to participate and left me feeling safe and happy. Thank you Charlotte for a great experience.

~ Julia Vander Schaaf, LMFT

Thank you Julia for this wonderful review!

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