Member Review – DSM-5

March 9, 2015

Review by Betty Readle, LMFT

This is a review of our recent presentation of the DSM-5 by Gerry Grossman Presenter Suzanne Mell, MA, LMFT, on Saturday, February 21, 2015

The presentation by Suzanne Mell, Gerry Grossman Seminars, was an excellent source of information on using the new DSM-5. She presented the course materials in a well-organized manner and added doses of humor to make the experience more enjoyable. Her presentation was interesting, straight forward, and possessed a wealth of knowledge.

Suzanne explained there are many changes in the DSM-5 and some things remain the same. Sections have been revised and classified in a more logical fashion. The presentation stressed that future diagnoses will need to be more specific. Personality disorders remain in pretty much the same and in clusters. V-codes have been changed to Z and T codes. And some disorders have name changes, categorized differently, additional disorders and some have been eliminated all together.

Suzanne, who is with Gerry Grossman’s Seminars, distributed a wealth of information. The supportive written materials were very helpful in demystifying the new DSM-5. All in all, a great presentation!

Betty Readle, LMFT

Thank you Betty for this wonderful review!

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