Review by Betty Readle, LMFT

This is a review of our recent presentation of "Assessment and Evidence-Based Treatment", which was presented by Liz Mantle, LMFT, LPCC, DRPA on March 15, 2014.

Liz Mantle gave an excellent presentation on evidence-based care. She was able to provide good examples of when to use and apply different assessment tools for issues as diverse as alcoholism, bipolar, capacity, cognitive impairment, and depression. She reports when using these various tools and documenting the client’s file, clinicians are better positioned to support their rationale if called to testify in court.

She stressed the Mental Status Exam is not optional and needs to be a baseline of biological, psychological and social factors predisposed and precipitated. The Mental Status Exam is the building block of assessment, diagnosis and client’s progress. It’s a method to determine goals of treatment, client’s ability to abstract, appropriateness for therapy, needed life skills or a referral.

In addition to her fine presentation, she provided a number of handouts with some of the most reliable and recognized tools for assessment and explained in detail their purpose and the scoring system. She explained what makes assessments reliable and valid and how one can create their own assessments using the DSM-5.

Participants left with a toolbox of assessments that could be integrated into their practice. This presentation was highly beneficial in reminding us of the importance of accurately assessing and developing treatment plans.

Betty Readle, LMFT

Thank you Betty for this wonderful review!

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